Real Art On Wheels | The Collection - 1971 Moretti Jolly Beachcar
Real Art On Wheels | The Collection - 1971 Moretti Jolly Beachcar

1971 Moretti Jolly Beachcar

The perfect beach car

The Moretti Motor Company dates back to 1925 when Giovanni Moretti began to design and build motorcycles. These machines were both of his own design and built with the agreement of other companies. Using motorcycle engines, Moretti also tried his hand in microcars in the late 1920s and early 1930s. After producing primarily commercial vehicles during World War II, in 1946, with the war over, Moretti began production of conventional cars. A major shift in Moretti Motors’ operations came in the latter part of the 1950s when it ceased designing and building complete cars. In an effort to reduce costs and overheads, the company switched to using Fiat mechanicals and chassis for all of its conventional automobiles.
Despite struggling to compete with Fiat’s 600, thanks to the friendship between Moretti and Gianni Agnelli, Moretti Motors was able to arrange a favourable agreement with Fiat to continue using the Fiat chassis for a series of special/low-volume models. The Fiat 500-based Minimaxi first appeared in 1970, and sources indicate that only around 90 of these vehicles were built. The Moretti Jolly Beachcar is a rear-wheel-drive platform that features a floor-shift, four-speed manual transmission situated between front bucket seats. While the windshield is hinged to lie flat, open sides allow easy access for the occupants of this fun-to-drive car, which is sure to draw attention wherever it is driven.

Our Moretti Jolly Beach Car

Recently we have acquired this Moretti Minimaxi Beach Car from a private Fiat collector. Benefitting from an extensive restoration and mechanical overhaul, the car is complete with is soft top and doors to protect against less-sunshine weather circumstances. The car is painted in a very attractive colour schedule. The Moretti comes with French registration papers and is ready to be enjoyed.