1993 Jaguar XJ220 (079)

Project XJ220

The Jaguar XJ220 was produced by Jaguar in collaboration with the specialist automotive and race engineering company Tom Walkinshaw Racing. The XJ220 recorded a top speed of 341,7 km/h during testing by Jaguar at the Nardo test track in Italy. This made it the fastest production car from 1992 to 1993 until it was surpassed by the almighty McLaren F1 (with a topspeed of 386,5 km/h).

The XJ220 was designed by an informal group of Jaguar employees working in their spare time. The group wished to create a modern version of the successful Jaguar 24 Hours of Le Mans racing cars of the 1950s and 1960s that could be entered into FIA Group B competitions. The XJ220 made use of engineering work undertaken for Jaguar’s then current racing car family. 

The initial XJ220 concept car was unveiled to the public at the 1988 British International Motor Show, held in Birmingham, England. Its positive reception prompted Jaguar to put the car into production. Approximately 1,500 deposits of £50,000 each were taken and deliveries were planned for 1992. 

Engineering and emissions requirements resulted in significant changes to the specification of the XJ220, most notably the replacement of the Jaguar V12 engine by a turbocharged V6 engine. The changes to the specification and a collapse in the demand of high performance cars brought about by the early 1990s recession resulted in many buyers choosing not to exercise their purchase options. 

According to factory documentation a total of 281 cars were produced. In total 277 cars were completed customer cars, three complete vehicle sets were produced for spares and one vehicle was scrapped due to faulty body materials. Of the 277 customer cars, 11 were converted to a “race” specification in an attempt to generate increased interest in the XJ220 project.

This Jaguar XJ220

On March, 28, 1990 the first owner Mr. Helmut Matschke from Berlin ordered the brand-new Jaguar XJ220 through official Jaguar Dealership Alfred Krauthahn GmbH. All correspondence from day 1 is included in the history file of this car. Including copies of the original order form, sales invoice,  and checks for the deposit. The car was ordered in exactly the combination as we see it today. A Spa Silver paint with Black leather seats and carpets in Smoke (dark grey). Although the car was ready by the end of November 1992, Mr. Matschke took delivery in May 1993. In 2003, the car was 10 years old – it had only driven 1.418 kilometers and received full maintenance at Krauthahn Berlin, the selling dealership. The car remained with the first owner most probably until April 2006 when it was acquired by a dealer.

In July 2006, the car was acquired by the second owner. At that moment the car had driven circa 1.700 kilometers. The sales contract to this owner is also on file. This German collector registered the car in his name on July 19, 2006. The car was pampered when in the possession of this collector.  By April 2012 the car was seen of German TUV and on the report we see a mileage of 5.084 kilometers. On 7 August 2012, the car was sent to Jaguar Cars Ltd. with their service workshop department at Browns Lane (GB). A major service was carried out. This service was stamped in the service book and a copy of the invoice is in the file. In 2018 the car again received a major service. In 2019 the service was finished and fuel tanks replaced. In 2020 the car was completely repainted at marque specialist Don Law Racing in the United Kingdom. The car went back to bare metal aluminum and was professionally repainted. At that moment the car had driven a mere 5.465 kilometers since new. The car was finished by the end of 2020 and brought back to Germany afterwards. 

Today the car has driven 5.536 kilometers and is in literally brand-new condition. With all other 1990s supercars, such as the Ferrari F40, Bugatti EB110 and the almighty McLaren F1, reaching record prices, this is the last relatively affordable example of the ultimate postercars.

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