Real Art on Wheels | Ferrari Dino 308 GT4
Real Art on Wheels | Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

1974 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

Dino: the non-V12 Ferrari

The Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in November 1973. The cars were sold with Dino badging (continuing the Dino brand to differentiate non-V12 Ferrari) until May 1976, when they received Ferrari badging. The Ferrari Dino GT4 was a groundbreaking model for Ferrari in several ways: it was the first production Ferrari to feature the mid-engined V8 layout that would become the bulk of the company’s business in the succeeding decades, and was the first production Ferrari with Bertone (rather than Pininfarina) designed bodywork. Pininfarina was upset by the decision to give cross-town rival Bertone the design, considering all they had done for Ferrari. The styling featured angular lines entirely different from its curvaceous 2-seater brother, the Dino 246, and was controversial at the time. Some journalists compared it to the Bertone-designed Lancia Stratos and Lamborghini Urraco, also penned by Marcello Gandini. From the cockpit the driver sees only the road. Enzo Ferrari himself took a major role in its design, even having a mock-up made where he could sit in the car to test different steering, pedals and cockpit seating positioning.

The chassis was a tubular spaceframe based on the Dino 246, but was stretched for a 2.550 mm wheelbase to make room for the second row of seats. The suspension was fully independent, with double wishbones, anti-roll bars, coaxial telescopic shock absorbers and coil springs on both axles. Niki Lauda helped set up the chassis.

The 3.0 L (2.927 cc) V8 was mounted transversally integrally joined with the 5-speed transaxle gearbox. The engine had an aluminium alloy block and heads, 16-valves and dual overhead camshafts driven by toothed belts; it produced 255 hp in the European version and 240 hp in the American. The induction system used four Weber 40 DCNF carburetors.

Our Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

This Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 was originally supplied through famous Garage Francorchamps in Bruxelles, Belgium. The car was delivered in May 1974. The car first registration was on August 27 of that same year. A very early car and therefore the car wears the correct Dino badges.

In 2014, the car was acquired by the last owner. He had the car serviced at his local specialist, before he started to think about a nut and bold restoration to concours winning standards in 2016. The car was completely dismantled, all paint was removed, the body immersed in an acid bath. We have never seen a Dino that was restored back to this level. From there the body was completely restored and repainted in its beautiful shade of Giallo Modena. Hundred of photographs were taken at each stage of the restoration. The mechanics were completely restored. During the restoration the people had periodically contact with official Ferrari dealer Kroymans to allign the Classiche process. We have two big binders with invoices and other documentation. Total costs were around 160,000 EUR. This might be the absolute best Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 available in todays market.

This Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 is for sale. The car is ready for inspection in our collection in Burgerveen, The Netherlands. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.