Real Art on Wheels | AC Cobra Junior Car
Real Art on Wheels | AC Cobra Junior Car

AC Cobra Junior Car

Junior Cars

At Real Art on Wheels we are proud to offer an impressive collection of junior cars. We are selecting the most beautiful vehicles which are parked next to our cars in our showroom in the Amsterdam Lake District.

These Junior Cars are produced by a British company. These junior cars have a solid chassis, with steel suspension swing arms. These cars come with a front-mounted engine, rear wheel drive. The engine is a 110cc air-cooled 4 stroke singly cylinder petrol engine. The transmission is a three-speed semi-automatic gearbox+reverse. There is no clutch, sequential gear change. With the 12 Volt system there are working lights, horn, an electric starter key and indicators.

There is a fully independent suspension all round. Double wishbones at the front, single at the rear. Adjustable gas shock absorbers all round, ventilated disk brakes with dual pot Brembo calipers front and rear.

The interiors or our junior cars are equipped with the optional exclusive leather seats.

It’s not allowed to drive these cars on the road.

Interesting export price, for companies the VAT is deductable.

AC Cobra Junior Car

Inspired by the famous AC Cobra’s, Real Art on Wheels has several trims available in the current collection. Next to this blue with white stripe Cobra we also have a silver with black stripe available. This Junior Car is built at a very high standard and is in pristine condition.

The car is eligible for “Little Big Mans” during Le Mans Classic and my other events.

This AC Cobra Junior Car is for sale. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.