As he grew up in the historic motorcar scene, Bodie Hage has seen all sides of the market. At the age of 25, Bodie became a registered appraiser (accredited by Federatie TMV, Federation of valuers, brokes and auctioneers in movable goods). With this achievement he became the youngest appraiser of this discipline in The Netherlands. At Real Art on Wheels we see, compare and actively analyze auction results and know what is happening in the field. When an inspection report is required within a certain timeframe, we are ready to inspect and report the vehicle within 24 hours. This approach is unique. A proper valuation report is needed in many cases, therefore we determine different valuation standards. A valuation is needed for example:

  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Fiscal aspects
  • Inheritance
  • Other


When you insure your motorcar, the insurance company informs about the value of your property. Most insurance companies requires an independent inspection report from a member of the Federatie TMV. Also when an inspection report is not specifically required, it’s advised to have an independent inspection report of the car to avoid any discussions about the price in case of a loss. In case you need a valuation report for your insurance we talk about the ‘replacement value’.


When a motorcar is financed, your bank will ask for an independent valuation report. We know which parameters are requested and have a smooth process to inform you and your bank about the possibilities.

Fiscal aspects

In many countries a valuation report is needed to inform the fiscal authorities of the value of a classic car that’s owned by the (holding) company and used for private purposes. As we are accredited by Federatie TMV the fiscal authorities accept a valuation report compiled by Real Art on Wheels. Bodie Hage is certified by Hobéon-SKO with number 003588.


In the sad moment of an inheritance, a valuation report of the car or car collection is needed for several stakeholders. Initially to have an honest dividing of the inheritance between the heirs, but also the fiscal authorities. We understand this delicate process and are aware of the emotional aspects. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we are here to advise you, without any obligations, in this process.


Also in other matters a valuation report of modern, classic or important motorcars can be needed, such as the sale of a company, separation or donation. Also when you are considering the sale of your car, or collection, an independent advise can be very useful.

Bodie Hage is a registered appraiser (accredited by Federatie TMV) and certified by Hobéon-SKO with number 003588. Please feel free to contact for more information about our rates or to make an appointment.