Bodie Hage is a registered appraiser (accredited by Federatie TMV, Federation of valuers, brokers and auctioneers in movable goods). To insure your vehicle adequately a recent inspection report is necessary. As we are registered at Federatie TMV and certified by Hobéon-SKO with number 003588, we can assist in this process. A physical inspection of your vehicle is needed. On appointment you can visit our showroom with your vehicle for an independent valuation report, but we also travel to your  location and inspect the vehicle. Please feel free to contact for more information about our rates or to make an appointment.

Expert advice

Real Art on Wheels offers independent and objective advice to our clients. The heritage of our company dates back to 1957. With this in mind we have detailed knowledge of the classic car market and access to an unique international network of collectors, auction houses and colleagues. In any given transaction we act exclusively for one client. We are very transparent as we believe in prolonged relationships. We respect clients wishes and possibilities and discuss our fee in an introducing conversation. If you consider to invest in one or more collectors cars, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Bodie Hage for his view on the actual market and advices.

Buying and selling

Real Art on Wheels is always interested to buy important, unusual motorcars for our collection. We have an actively advertised sales collection at our website. Besides this we work for several collectors. The moment you have decided to sell your car, is in most events very deliberately chosen. We handle this process with care. Please offer us your motorcar or collection for a discrete transaction. Most of the cars we offer for sale are owned by our company. Before deciding to buy a vehicle, you are – of course – very welcome to visit our showroom in the Amsterdam Lake District, The Netherlands. We encourage you to have a close inspection at our vehicles. Feel free to come over with your advisor for an inspection.


In today’s market there are many ways to sell your vehicle. It is very difficult to decide which is in ones best interest. We assist you in the process of a private sale or an auction sale. With years of experience in selling vehicles in both ways we feel privileged to assist you in this process. When you decide a private sale, we will advise you in the marketing process. Real Art on Wheels knows the market and has access to a worldwide network of collectors, investors and dealers. When an auction sale is advised, we deal with all auction houses in the world. We assist with negotiating and choosing the right country and auction house to sell your vehicle.

It is our aim to ensure you make the best transaction. A better deal than you might have without our involvement.


It doesn’t matter when a collectors car is driven regularly or sporadically: the car needs regular checks and service to keep her in best shape. In 1957 our company started as a workshop for maintenance and repairs on (back then modern) motorcars. All cars on offer are serviced and ready to be enjoyed. We have a great infrastructure for preserving or restoring historic motorcars and feel helpful when we can share our knowledge to keep your car in best shape.


You need an adequate insurance for your car. We know the important aspects and risks you’d like to cover. Either you are driving your car on the track, active in historic rallying or only storing it in your garage – our partners know how to cover your risks. We are always ready to share our contacts and inform you about the possibilities to have your property correctly insured.


We know how important the process of transporting your property is. This delicate process is very often underestimated. For example, do you know how well your transporter is insured when he transports your vehicle? In many cases the transporter is underinsured. With our knowledge we have found the right partners to transport our vehicles over road, sea and by plane. Distance is no object. With our own closed trailer we can arrange door-to-door delivery in Europe and Great-Britain.


After a great demand we offer limited storage facilities in our premises in Burgerveen, The Netherlands. Complimentary services as battery charging, cleaning, and checking your vehicle (before and after your use) are available. A customs storage is available near our showroom. More information is available upon request.