Real Art on Wheels | Ferrari 348 TB
Real Art on Wheels | Ferrari 348 TB

1990 Ferrari 348 TB

The last Ferrari under Enzo Ferrari

The Ferrari 348 replaced the Ferrari 328 in 1989 and was in production until it was replaced by the Ferrari 355 in 1995. It was the final V8 model developed under the direction of Enzo Ferrari, before his death.

The Ferrari 348, badged 348 TB for the coupe (Transversale Berlinetta) and 348 TS for targa (Transversale Spider), featured a naturally aspirated 3.4-litre version of the quad-cam, four-valve-per-cylinder V8 engine. As with its predecessors, the model number was derived from this configuration, with the first two digits being the displacement of the engine and the third being the number of cylinders. The engine, which had a power output of 300 horsepower, was mounted longitudinally and coupled to a transverse manual gearbox, like the Mondial T with which the 348 shared many components. The “T” in the model name 348 TB and TS refers to the transverse position of the gearbox. Overall, 2.894 examples of the 348 TB and 4.228 of the 348 TS were produced.

The Ferrari 348’s styling differed from previous models with straked side air intakes and rectangular taillights resembling the Testarossa, stylistic themes reminiscent of the F40, the world’s fastest production car at the time, and other prestigious Ferrari models of the past. The model was also the final design overseen by chief stylist Leonardo Fioravanti, known for such designs as the F40, Daytona, 512 Berlinetta Boxer, 288 GTO P5, P6 and others.

Similar to the Ferrari Testarossa but departing from the 512 BB and 308/328, the oil and coolant radiators were relocated from the nose to the sides, widening the side of the car substantially, but making the cabin much easier to cool since hoses routing warm water no longer ran underneath the cabin as in the older front-radiator cars. This also had the side effect of making the doors very wide.

The Ferrari 348 was equipped with a dry-sump oil system to prevent oil starvation at high speeds and during hard cornering. The oil level could only be accurately checked on the dipstick when the engine was running due to this setup. The 348 was fitted with adjustable ride-height suspension and a removable rear sub-frame to speed up the removal of the engine for maintenance.

From 1993, with the introduction of the Ferrari 348 GTB and Ferrari 348 GTS, both the engine cover and lower body skirts were body-coloured instead of black, and the rear track was one inch wider due to the mounting area, on the inside, of the rear wheels being thicker. The suspension geometry was revised which greatly enhanced its handling, ride and body control. The fuel tank was also smaller (88L) in order to reduce overall weight and provide space to improve chassis rigidity.

This unique Ferrari 348

This unique Ferrari 348 TB was produced in late 1990 and delivered through Graber Automobile in Switzerland. Originally delivery was planned for November 19, 1990 – but the first owner did not collect the car from Ferrari dealership. The car remained un-registered and un-used until July 17, 1995 – when the first custodian took delivery of the car and registered her. This Mr Agostino Cafiero from Muri (Switzerland) was charmed by the new styling of the Ferrari 348 GTB. Therefore he asked the salespeople at Graber to change the black (lower) bodyparts to red. His ‘new’ Ferrari 348 TB would look like the brandnew GTB’s.

The car was carefully driven and maintained through official Ferrari dealer Graber Reparatur AG and later Sportgarage Ruch. With the car we have the original leather booklet including all books: Service, Instruction, Dealer network, Becker Autoradio-Service and the Swiss “Abgas-wartungsdokument”.

On my birthday – March 14, 2008 – the car was sold by Sportgarage Ruch (who had known the car since 1999, to the second owner. This second owner was a Swiss/Dutch collector and the car became part of an impressive Ferrari collection. He bought the car with 10.700 KMs. He imported the car into The Netherlands and registered the car here.

This Ferrari 348 TB is in immaculate condition. The car shines beautiful in the original Rosso Corsa paint over tan leather interior. The car has driven less than 14,000 KMs since new. It comes with the complete and original luggage set in immaculate condition. Including all books, keys, tools, cover and original Becker Grand Prix 2000 radio.

This Ferrari 348 TB is for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Sold, thank you!