Real Art on Wheels | Ferrari 550 Maranello
Real Art on Wheels | Ferrari 550 Maranello

1996 Ferrari 550 Maranello

Succeeding the Daytona

The Ferrari 550 Maranello was introduced in 1996, the upmarket front-engined V12 coupe of the kind not seen since the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. It shared its platform and 5.5 liter engine with the 2+2 456, but was positioned as the company’s highest-end model. The car used a transaxle layout, with the 6 speed manual gearbox located at the back, in line with the driven wheels. The model numbers refers to total engine displacement (5.5 litres) and the model name of Maranello refers to the town where the Ferrari headquarters are located. The 550 featured a luxurious and roomy interior. The trunk was tall and wide, though not very deep, and could accept a full set of golf clubs or standard overnight bags. 3,083 units were produced. The 550 line was replaced by the Modificata 575 M Maranello in 2002. The engine is a naturally aspirated V12 with four valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams and variable length intake manifold. It displaces 5,474 cc and produced 492 bhp at 7,000 RPM and 568 Nm at 5,000 RPM. The top speed is an incredible 320 KM/h.

This 1996 Ferrari 550 Maranello

Over the years we had over 10 examples of the Ferrari 550 and 575M Maranello. This example was originally delivered in Germany and its full history is known. From 1996 until 2000 the car was part of a UK collection. In 2001 the car went back to Germany and had one owner. In 2004 this Maranello was  acquired by the well-known businsesman and avid car collector Mr Gerard Lopez in Luxembourg. At that moment owner of Lotus F1 racing team. Since 2006 the car is registered in The Netherlands and the full owner and service history is known.

This Ferrari 550 Maranello is very well maintained. A beautiful color combination of Argento Nürburgring over a blue leather interior. The complete original Schedoni luggage set including the original dust covers come with the car, as the original books and keys. In the last 6 years, the car was in the hands of a good friend of our company. He pampered the car.

This Ferrari 550 Maranello is for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.