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In 2022, the Targa Florio witnessed a thrilling resurgence as we, at Real Art on Wheels, once again graced the historic racing scene. With immense pride and passion for classic and extraordinary vehicles, we brought five automobiles to this legendary event, marking a triumphant chapter in our journey.

The heart of this revival beat with the return of racing legend Toine Hezemans. Retired for over four decades, Toine’s presence at the sacred and historic grounds of Targa Florio was nothing short of monumental. His 1971 victory alongside Nino Vaccarella remains an iconic moment
in motorsport history. Now, at the age of 80, Toine was back, ready to create new memories and rekindle the spirit of the past.

For Scuderia Real Art on Wheels, the 2022 Targa Florio was an exhilarating celebration of our enduring passion for classic cars. Our five cars, each with its own unique story, took to the iconic circuit with a shared purpose – to honor the legacy of the past while embracing the thrill of the present.

As the engines roared to life on the historic Madonie Mountains Circuit, the Targa Florio of 2022 became the stage for us to showcase our dedication to classic automobiles, our commitment to racing heritage, and our unyielding bond with the iconic Targa Florio circuit. It was a testament to the enduring spirit of classic racing and the pursuit of automotive excellence that defines our journey at Real Art on Wheels.

Behind the wheel of the Scuderia Real Art On Wheels Porsche 911, Toine Hezemans, alongside co-driver Mark Koense, embarked on a journey that melded the past with the present. This very Porsche 911, with its own illustrious history, had conquered the Targa Florio in 1969, securing a remarkable 10th-place finish in the overall standings with Gianpiero Moretti and Everardo Ostini at the helm. This time, the Porsche was poised to navigate a grueling 720 kilometers, equal to eleven laps of the challenging circuit.

ToineHezemans aptly summed it up:
“This is where I achieved one of my greatest successes, and I simply couldn’t say no to returning.” Indeed, Targa Florio held a special place in his heart, and the event was the perfect canvas for us at Real Art on Wheels to honor our commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of classic automobiles.

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