1969 Lotus Elan S4 Coupé


The Lotus Elan model was introduced in 1962 and was produced until 1975 in several different forms. Initially only a drophead version was available, but from mid 1965 a fixed head coupé became available. The basic structure of the car was a steel backbone chassis to which a fibreglass body was bolted. The engine was a Ford derived 4-cilinder of 1.498 cc, later enlarged to 1.558 cc and fitted with a Lotus Twin Cam cylinder head. In the SE version this engine produced some 115 Bhp which made it possible for the 699 kg car to obtain a top speed of 193 km/h. The Elan turned out to be a very successful model for Lotus and a total of around 12.224 examples were made of which some 1.100 examples are known today in the Lotus Elan Registry. 

This 1968 Lotus Elan S4 coupé

This Lotus Elan S4 coupé was delivered as a SE specified car in July 1969. In the accompanying file the consequent owners from 1983 onwards are mentioned and it turns out that the car was restored in 1989 with the intention of putting it to the track. Two large folders contain the invoices over the years for the work done to the Elan to keep it race ready. Luckily the car wasn’t modified substantially and therefore is still road registered. It comes with a FIA identity form.

This Lotus Elan S4 coupé is for sale. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.